Hello, the Internets. Yes I’m looking at you in the back corner. Recap

Hilite – there was scotch. Top drops they called it. 7 Scotches. They had the fancy ones. Now so do I.

Lolite – I broke my walker. It turns out it is actually a rollator because it has wheels. Rollator? What a horrible word. I was attacked by my church. It was as I was leaving. The church obviously felt I needed more church.

Everything else falls within those extremes. Plus I’ll try and avoid horrible spellings like hilite and lolite.

There were comics. They were ok. Nothing to write home a blog about.

I’m reading a book called Pirate Cinema. It isn’t quite grabbing me though.

There was gaming. I won a vicious battle in the Alhambra. I lost to cowardly route stealing in Thurn and Taxis. There might have been a pizza, but I’m not sure as it was all eaten by a single person whose wooden leg shall remain nameless.

Finally there was a movie. I went with Dave and the oddly named #1 and #2. We saw Wreck-it Ralph. I laughed. I got choked up. I laughed some more. It was solidly a kids movie, but many of the side jokes required a knowledge of arcades from 25 years or more ago. I think it would quickly grow old if I had to watch it over and over, as I hear happens with parents, but, seeing it once was a joy.

That is all.


7 thoughts on “Hello, the Internets. Yes I’m looking at you in the back corner. Recap

  1. Suellen says:

    *waves from back corner*

    What was the movie about? I’ve never heard of this movie until FB.

    • Three plots. None of which are important as they are vehicles for jokes.

      1) Ralph is the bad guy in a Rampage type game. He leaves his game to go try and win respect in another game.

      2) a spunky down trodden character tries to win a Mario cup style race

      3) games try and stop themselves getting turned off for malfunctioning.

      • Dave says:

        It’s a kids movie that plays on Parent’s nostalgia of video games we played in the ’80s.

        That’s pretty much the entire plot.

        It was fun 🙂

    • Dave! I accidentally killed your comment. I’m trying to get it back.

  2. Pauly! says:

    It might be just as fun to have Dave think for weeks about why you deleted his comment. Just sayin.

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