Comics: falling behind and catching up

It has been a while since my last run down of the Comics Should Be Good top runs list. I was out Thursday and doing the gaming thing Friday. The runs are now ahead of me.

But in this fifteen is much colicky goodness.

40. Los Bros Hernandez’s Love and Rockets – ok. Bad place to start. Have not read.

39. Mike Mignola’s Hellboy – ooh. Another Todd top ten. The series have been coming out very slowly in the last few years. Fortunately, a new one starts in December. To tide me over is BPRD, but there is nothing quite like the original. Since I read in trade I’m often many stories behind. I didn’t get this book in the first mini series. I thought, “Meh”. The Lovecraftian villains and dense backstory were not my thing. But I read Right Hand of Doom years later and was hooked! Funny, scary, and great stories. I wish Mignola did all the art… But he has had good help on recent minis. An awesome, awesome series.

38. Alan Moore’s Marvelman/Miracleman – Have not read.

37. Stan Lee and John Romita’s Spider-Man – Follow the link and look at the Romita art. Wow. Wow.

36. Mark Waid’s Flash – lots of Waid on this list. My favourite Waid is already passed on the list with FF. but. This might be the series where Waid became Waid. Sometimes it just all works…

35. Mark Millar and Bryan Hitch’s Ultimates – Millar is the Michael Bay of comics. All about the spectacle. And in this pairing with Hitch is the Ultimate Millar.

34. Brian K. Vaughan and Adrian Alphona’s Runaways – Yes. Is this a Todd top ten? Not sure, but it is close. Hmm. Y should be on the list somewhere. That is better. But this? I fully recommend. And Andi just sorted this into my front room.

33. Jason Aaron and R.M. Guera’s Scalped – Read the first trade. Not my thing. But I love Aaron on Wolvie and the X-Men.

32. Grant Morrison’s Doom Patrol – Tried it. Not my thing.

31. Warren Ellis, Darick Robertson and Rodney Ramos’ Transmetropolitan – Top ten. Yes. I think so.

30. Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker’s Gotham Central – Yes. I love this set of comics. Michael Lark does a lot of the art. This might be my favourite story set in the Batman family. Rucks is better on Q&C. Brubaker is better on Cap. (and others like Criminal). But this was really something special.

29. Kurt Busiek and George Perez’s Avengers – The first time I collected Avengers. The Ultron arc in particular is great. Busier is better on Astro City, but this might be my favourite Perez ever.

28. Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard’s Walking Dead – 351 points

27. Bill Willingham, Mark Buckingham and Steve Leialoha’s Fables – Top ten. I’ve definitely got more than ten top ten books now. The first four arcs are my picks, but this is still a must read every month.

26. Peter David’s Incredible Hulk – The master of the long run. I own only a small bit of this run. But no Hulk story since this run can completely ignore it. Hmm. Is this my favourite PAD story? Probably not. But it might be. Great stuff.

8 more runs are already posted on the list. But I’ll wait until there is a grouping of the next 15. But the next 8 has some great stuff too.


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