Hard Travelling Heroes

I’m waiting for CBSG to post the list list of top runs. They haven’t yet. So today’s comic coverage will be twofold.

First the Iron Man 3 trailer is out. I wasn’t a huge fan of IM2, but I thought the first movie was invincible! You can’t judge a movie by its trailer, but the IM3 trailer looks great. More Tony and Pepper stuff, and the plot looks like a mash of Armor Wars, Extremis and Mandarin items. This is cool.

Armor Wars was a plot where IM determined that others were reusing his IM technology in other weapons. He didn’t want to be responsible for how they were used and went to shut it all down. It was a good story line. Extremis was about IM determining that simply upgrading his Armor wasn’t enough to stay current. The man himself needed to be upgraded. The ideas in the story were great and I always like the author (Ellis), but as an arc it didn’t quite work. Still I’m enthused to see the ideas reused. The Mandarin is one of IM’s rogues. Perhaps his arch-rogue. He is a really good foe. A giant Mandarin arc just finished in the comics. It didn’t quite work either – partly due to just being too long.

Regardless, I’m enthused to see a movie composed of these elements.

Secondly, Dave lent me Hard Travelling Heroes. It is a collection of part of the Dennis O’Neil and Neil Adams Green Lantern run. It contains the big cross- country trip/team up between Green Lantern and Green Arrow.

These are some good comics. Each issue tells a complete story although there is a two part trial and the whole run builds as it goes along. The stories are clear and compelling. The art is crisp and exciting. The whole package reads well.

In many ways it reads quite modern. The heroes aren’t reintroduced each episode for instance. Each episode has a single plot rather than juggling a half dozen. And the draw is the star creative team. The issues introduced are still current – homelessness, racism, law and justice and worker’s rights.

In other ways it is quite old. Although the issues are complex and left unresolved in most cases, the plot is always resolved with a fight. And the bad guys are generally murderers. For instance, a slum land lord who is evicting tenants is the bad guy in the first episode. But that isn’t bad enough, he also has mob ties and puts out a hit on the heroes.

And the dialogue! It was written to be current, but now having someone say they “dig” something sounds quite dated. And the dialogue is all very straight forward – the characters declaim their opinions.

That isn’t to say that the characterization is poor. It is quite strong. These heroes wear their hearts on their sleeves, but they also show growth and make mistakes and suffer the consequences. Perhaps more than anything else that might be the key strength of the stories.

Ah, it is a good read! Thanks Dave.


4 thoughts on “Hard Travelling Heroes

  1. Dave says:

    I won’t give you a hard time for getting my trades back… I’m no good at returning things either.

    um… I have this Jordan book that I must have borrowed a long time ago.

    Do you want it back??

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