Put a recap on it

Mom went to her sister’s birthday in Banff for the weekend. That is the big news of the week. I think everyone had fun.

In small news…

Gaming was better this week. I achieved some of the feel I was going for. My anticlimax might have been too anticlimactic though. The mystery will return…

No movie on the weekend. The elevator was down for maintenance. I scooted home. I think that will be the last extended outside trip until spring, but it was nice and brisk.

The Garon’s, Ritcey’s, Johnson’s and others had their children sing as a choir at church this week. An old coworker led the music and GM led the kids. It was great. Plus almost all the Garons gave me a hug. Plus my usual one from Jake I racked up four!

Hawkeye was out for comics. Huzzah! I wish it came out every week.

I took a course at work. Two days of Communication for Supervisors. I learned two things. First I should Act on Purpose. Mostly I just play it by ear. Nuts. Second, calling my team names isn’t motivating. Nuts. The rest was like TM, but without table topics or like role playing with a deficit of fun. I did hear some great stories about killing deer and moose and an awkward tale about a dog.

That is all. Be good everyone. Be good.


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