Hello everybody! Recap

Ah. The house cleaning is kinda finished. Yay! It makes a huge difference a everyone comments on it. The bits remaining are mine to move forward.

Hmm. I’m between books. I’m reading a giant anthology of fantasy stories called The Weird. If it isn’t gothic, or movie monsters or dragons and elves it is here. Things by Lovecraft and Kafka are in the book. It is in chronological order and I’m having trouble getting into the early stories.

I watched some movies. The Raven was drek. Bah. Skip it. And Argo. This was very good. But didn’t seem like an Oscar winner to me.

The Raven inspired me to memorize its source poem. Three stanzas memorized now. 15 to go. My favourite line so far is:

“And the silken, sad, uncertain rustling of each purple curtain thrilled me – filled me with fantastic terrors never thought before.”

My brother had a lousy week. Didn’t talk much about it ’cause we don’t do that. But I hope this week is better.

My game on Friday was still lacking. I just couldn’t find the compels I wanted. Then I forgot Tim’s character for a scene! One last night to make this adventure work.

Once Upon a Time annoyed me last night. Sir Lancelot was a character. Which was cool. But they called the grail a magic cup. And when Lance married two people he didn’t it without mentioning God. Really? I get prime time is secular, but c’mon!

I was at the mall yesterday for the movie. I arrived at the theatre elevator at 11:50 am. But the exit to the theatre level was locked out. They have it on a timer and it doesn’t open until later. Today it was 12:30. Normally if I’m done my mall business I just sit and read a book until the lift unlocks.

But yesterday I wasn’t the only person there. Oh no. 200 odd 11 year old girls were waiting for CRJ and the Beebs to show up at the same location.

At first it was sort of cool. Their enthusiasm and energy was contagious. I think we beat that out of people too early and replace it with cynicism.

But every 5 minutes some child would run up and say JB had been spotted somewhere in the mall. Then a wave of 50 or so would run off screaming and the remaining ones would scream a little in anticipation. Now screaming to show enthusiasm is something that should be beaten out of people early.

A wave would go and come back. Then a little bit later so would another. It was like watching lemmings rushing towards a cliff.

I think those are all the stories for the week.

Take care!


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