Top Comic Runs

A website is doing a top 100 list of the best runs of comics of all time as voted by the readers of the site.  I will be commenting.

Note: This is best runs.  Not best storylines.  Most of these represent a long term view by a single creator or creators.

The master list is here at “Comics should be good”:

So far it is awesome.  Read Brian cronin’s writeups that explain the runs and their general niftiness.

My comments:

100. Daniel Clowes’ Eightball – I’ve only read one issue of Eightball.  I can only say it wasn’t my thing.

99. Jim Steranko’s Nick Fury – I’ve read none of this, but I’ve always wanted to.  My only worry is that the scripting might be a little purple for my current tastes.  The art, from what I’ve seen of many samples over the years, looks great.

98. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby’s Thor/Tales of Asgard – I have not read.  I’m not a huge Stan Lee fan.

97. Terry Moore’s Strangers in Paradise – So cool.  This might make my own personal top 10.  Moore’s current Rachel Rising and the previous Echo were stronger stories, but as a run SIP just rocks.  A Moore’s greatest strength is humour and that was paramount in SIP, but downplayed in his current work.  I’d like to see him take his current skills to a new humour book.

96. Jack Cole’s Plastic Man – I’ve read small parts of this in digests I had as a child.  It was wildly entertaining.

95. Peter David’s 1st Run on X-Factor – This run is what made me want to comment.  I just tossed my collection of David’s second run – despite the fact that it remains one of my favourite comics.  I still have the first run in bags and boxes.  Why toss the 2nd run?  My criteria was ‘would I reread it?’  As good as it is, I’m not sure I ever will.

94. Gail Simone’s Secret Six – Meh.  This just wasn’t my thing.  Simone is good and many of the artists she had are incredible, but underrated.  This was often just a bit too dark for me.

93. Chris Claremont’s New Mutants – Never read this.  Weird I know.

92. Frank Miller’s Sin City – As a story this is too dark for me.  As art and storytelling, it is just incredible.  The issue of Marv in the rain is one of the best issues of comics ever.  Miller’s Daredevil will also show up on this list somewhere… (not the Batman though as it won’t qualify as a run).

91. Chris Ware’s Acme Novelty – Not my thing.  It is just too sad.  Reading this while happy will dampen your mood.  I’d hate to read it while sad.  But, the storytelling of Ware is undeniable.  This is impressive stuff even if I don’t like it.

90. John Layman and Rob Guillory’s Chew – Meh.  I get why people like it.  Just not for me.  And it isn’t near in the same category as the books before and after it in this list.

89. Mark Waid and Mike Wieringo’s Fantastic Four – The second run that might be in my top ten.  This is just awesome in every way.  My favourite work ever by Waid and he has done lots of good stuff.

88. Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s Locke and Key – This is one of my current favourite series.  I’d wait until it is complete before adding to a list such as this though.  Even then it might not make my personal top 10.

87. Dan Slott’s Amazing Spider-Man – Have not read.  With this recommendation I might try and find the Slott/Martin issues.  Mostly because Marcos Martin is incredible.  If Slott holds up his side…

86. Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Scott Pilgrim – Hee hee.  I loved this as it was coming out.  I still reread it.  This would be on my top ten bubble.  I’m not sure it qualifies as a run though – it is only 6 issues.  (long issues, but only six.)

I think I get to see the next 5 tomorrow.  I can hardly wait.

Thanks to Comics Should Be Good.



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