Weekly Reward

It is time travel week here in Toddland.

I saw two time travel things. Looper which worked. And the mid season Dr. Who ender, which didn’t. That is the time travel bits and the weeping angel bits. The emotional bits worked.

Mom just normal traveled. She has now returned from abroad. And there was much rejoicing.

Tim broke his car and stopped traveling altogether.

Andi continued to clean my place returning it to a time from the past. Huzzah. My maids come tomorrow and there are all sorts of surfaces to dust now.

I also saw The Third Man. This is pretty much the last of the core film noir I’d never seen. I wasn’t a huge fan, but the ferris wheel scene was chilling.

Gaming on Friday. We played Ricochet Robots for the second time. The first time it did not work. This time it was excellent. Maybe just a little too long. We also played Belfort. My butt was kicked. Rob and Rob were there.

And I finished the Wheel of Time, but I’ve covered that already.

Hmm. Lost my time travel theme somewhere. Go back up to the top and start again to find it.


4 thoughts on “Weekly Reward

  1. Dave says:

    Still haven’t played Ricochet Robots. 😥

  2. Robbob says:

    I’d play it again! 🙂

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