Weekly Recap

The Public Speaking course:  It can be rated truly awesome on the scale of awesomeness.Two weeks left.  Sigh.  I’m already more than half-way done.

Friday gaming – I haven’t quite settled into my new character yet.  Sigh.  I don’t quite know his core yet and I’m not sure how he acts in different situations.  Dano keeps running adventures with two separate but parallel tracks.    I like it.  This one had zombies, vampires and big bad magicians.  James had a good moment or two facing down his evil brother.

End of Watch – Decent cop drama.  It is trying too hard to be a great cop drama and that drags it down a bit.  The best part of the movie was a trailer for something called 7 Psychopaths which looked great.  The most curious happening was a parent that brought three kids in to watch the movie.  It was a solidly 14a rated affair with vile language and scenes meant to disturb adults.  The kids were under 10 and to my mind had no business in that theatre.  Think of bringing a kid to Boyz in the Hood or Scarface.

The biggest news this week is how tidy my home is becoming.  Andi has been helping out for four days so far.  The difference it has made in my house is tremendous.  Soon I will not feel same having a guest over.  I won’t feel like a potential candidate to appear on Hoarders.  Yay!

I’m on the final Wheel of Time book now.  I should be finished tomorrow or Wednesday.  Then I have four months to wait until the release of the last book.  I did not time that properly.  🙂

And that is the news that is fit to report.  Watch out for


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