Weekly Recap

Well.  Well, well.

I spoke about gaming and my course already.  Those were the big highlights last week.

Comics were good.  Stumptown was awesome.

I saw ParaNorman as a movie.  It was not good.  We are in a weird doldrums for movies.  The upcoming Oscar winners are playing at TIFF and the local theatres are showing dreck.  It is the dumping ground you expect January and February to be.  Todd is sad.  This makes Todd speak of himself in the third person.  No one wants that.

Perhaps most exciting Andi has agreed to help me organize my house.  Yay!  She started today and did a lot of work.  Sadly it barely dents the horrid mess I have.  But I’m hoping after this start the next days will make a bigger impact.  I certainly can’t disagree with the progress she has made.

I still have work to do tonight.  Four notes to write.  The physical ones I’ll put off until the morning.  The virtual ones need to go out to my teaching group tonight.  So I need to do those next.

This afternoon and evening has been uncomfortable.  I’m not feeling well at all.  With teaching tomorrow I need to be out of the house for a large portion of the day.  Please, please help me feel better over night!


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