I was eaten by zombies and other stories

Here are the top moments from our ongoing Dresden Files RPG adventures.  The campaign and system has been pretty exceptional at providing memorable moments.  These might be slanted towards moments I was involved in…

  1. Jean is eaten by zombies – Jean was not the brightest.  When exiting a church he is attacked by zombies.  Had he simply retreated into the church he would have been safe, but instead he took the fight to them with a chainsaw.  5 zombies went in and 2 came out, but they took Jean’s brains with them.  Hah, fooled the zombies.  No nutrition there!
  2. Sam is paralyzed – Jeff loses his temper and control of his magic.  He wields an entire minivan as a giant hammer, but more than the evil beastie (a spectral billy goat) gets clubbed.  Xin and Sam are also underneath the van when it hits.  Xin walks away with bruises, but Sam may never walk again.  Fortunately he can still fly.
  3. The mad bomber what bombs at…and again and again and again – A time travelling attempts to blow up the party several times.  Awesomely he jumps backwards in increments from the future while the party just lives their lives.  Every time the bomber appears he is just a little less blown up than the time before.
  4. We’re gonna need a bigger skidoo… – A giant man-swallowing fish terrorizes a movie set on the frozen surface of a lake.  The climax was like a bigmedium budget motion picture with explosions and flying skidoos and slo-motion.  The anti-cimax as the party tries to collect a grill-able trophy is one of the more gruesome scenes I’ve GM’d.
  5. Freddy couldn’t have had crazier dream logic – Sam goes into the dreamtime to face the evil nightmare faerie leaving his body behind and under guard by the party.  But when a portal opens, Sam’s dreamself steps back into the real world too.  Suddenly there are two of him!
  6. Jean has a sniper rifle – The mad cultist is ready to sacrifice his party guests.  The group is locked out by a reinforced door with only a small window to view the impending ritual.  Fortunately, it turns out Jean carries a military sniper rifle with him in his bag, so the window provides little impediment to ending the threat.
  7. James eats a nurse – James isn’t all bad.  But he isn’t all good either.  An early casualty is a nurse in a hospital during our first or second adventure.
  8. Taking it to the man – If there is an authority figure in Edmonton, the party has gotten them upset.  Most often the police – both the EPS and the RCMP are not big fans.  But they’ve also crossed the supernatural power structures too including their own superiors: Heimdall – Guardian of the Ways, Heinrich – the Winter Wolf, Poppy – the Warden, and, of course, the Premier.
  9. The saga of Ronald Cardinal – the party was there for his beginnings in the early days of Fort Edmonton when he was possessed by a demon.  They were there at the height of his power when he allied with another demon and gained some powerful mystical artifacts.  And they were there at the end although the spoils of the fight were claimed impressively by the Winter Wolf.
  10. Whatever happens next – who knows…

9 thoughts on “I was eaten by zombies and other stories

  1. Dave says:

    woohoo… made the list… barely.

  2. Dave says:

    I can think of a few Shin (Xin?) scenes that I like… (i.e. hospital during the freeze)… can’t believe you left him off.

  3. Tim says:

    Yeah baby, two entries! Totally the star of the show.

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