Weekly Recap – Adventures with Doctors Edition

I have a cough. For several months now. I was more serious. At the start I also had some shortness of breath, but that seems to have gone away. I’ve gone to my doctor. She sent me to a respiratory therapist. There have been several tests. Finally, last week I saw a specialist.

I think there are three anecdotes in that visit.

First, the appointment was at the brand spanking new Edmonton clinic. My bus driver had never been there before. The clinic has been open less than a month. We went to the wrong door and a Peace Officer escorted us around the building to the right door. It was also new for my doctor. I was her very first patient at the clinic and her enthusiasm for the new equipment was apparent. It wasn’t just the building that excited her. I was also the first patient in a new multi-disciplinary program she was establishing. Yay me.

The building is gorgeous by the by.Always try and go to brand new hospitals if you have the choice. The examination room was big enough to turn my scooter around in. I’ve been in those rooms where they are too small to even admit the rolling wonder.

Later in the process the doctor was giving me exercises to strengthen my lung walls. I asked, humorously, if instead of the complicated equipment I could just sing. That turned out to be a mistake. My doctor leapt on that enthusiastically. After I got a lecture on the values of singing, I was prescribed to start singing at least 20 minutes a day. In addition to the complicated equipment…

Fortunately I like singing.

I told this story to my team at work. I emphasized how awkward using the equipment sounded by saying, “It seems like a pain in the ass.”

“I think you’re not using it right,” quipped a team member.

Third. I have a cough. Now I also have a team researching my cough. Grr. The issue is that I also have a chronic disease – MD. The two might be related, but I don’t think so. But a doctor always looks at the interesting picture. The link is interesting. So, I have my own doctor, this lung specialist, a speech therapist, a respiratory tech, a cardiologist, a rehab medicine person, and likely more. I have orders for three more tests, the complicated equipment thingy, and follow up visits coming.

I have a cough. And the doctor think it is probably heart burn caused. But I’m getting all the above anyway. Grr.

There. Three quick anecdotes.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Recap – Adventures with Doctors Edition

  1. Dave says:

    You didn’t mention the best part… about the bellows contraption, and the great comment by your co-worker…

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