Hit and Run

This was a very interesting movie. It just didn’t work for me, but it will surely be someone’s favorite.

Dax Shepherd and Kristin Bell star as Charlie and Annie. Charlie is in witness protection. Annie has been his girlfriend for the last year. She is a professor of non-violent conflict resolution. She knows Charlie is a witness, but nothing else about his past.

Annie gets offered a job in LA, where Charlie is from. It is an opportunity that she can’t walk away from so Charlie leaves protection to take her to the interview.

That is the setup. It is an action-comedy/chase flick. So, of course, Charlie’s past comes to get them.

The relationship shown by Shepherd and Bell is the best thing about the show. It was overly cutesy for me, but seemed somehow honest in the middle of all the chaos. Often it is predictable but sometimes surprising. Annie really makes Charlie a better person and the tension between their desire to be non-violent and the action is pretty nifty.

The rest of the cast is completely over the top. The comedy lies in most of their bits. Where Bell and Shepherd get to be small and react to each other, the rest of the cast plays big and bizarre. Whether it is Bradley Cooper as the bad guy, Tom Arnold as the US Marshall, or bit roles of small town hicks they all chew the scenery. The show feels schizophrenic.

Finally the action. It is 95% car chases and the are lots of them. They just don’t seem to be filmed to give enough suspense to the scene. I think all the stunts are practical rather than effects. That adds something, but it is the camera work that fails not the stunt or setup I feel.

In the end I’d only recommend this for fans of the two stars. But there is something more in it someway I can’t put my finger on. That is why I think some people will love it. I just don’t know who they are.


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