Blog Check – Brought to you by the Silver Spur Saloon

Wow – no blog in a week.  And I was all whiny and stuff in the last one.  Zowie.

Work is good.  A lot of issues have been resolved.  Life goes forward and so does our project.

No issues getting out of bed.  But I did fall down on Friday.  I was at work and the crew helped me up.  I think falling either broke my brace or the break caused my fall.  I didn’t notice until last night but one of the buckles holding the straps was cracked and didn’t hold anymore.  So I got that fixed today.

It is ironic, but I started to feel much better after taking a tumble.  I fell and it was fine, but still obviously more real than the house hunt and workplace stress I was under.  Emotionally that is.  Physically I bruised my tailbone and it ached until Sunday morning.  🙂  You’d think there is enough padding there.

I think I’ve decided not to buy the house.  I think I’ve decided to buy a house in that complex, but not the one I saw.  I’ll wait until one I like comes up on the market.  And I need to get my stuff together and figure out how much money I have to spend.  The issue will be doing nothing.  I’m best at doing that.

Why no blog?  I’m reading the bleeding Wheel of Time and it occupies my every moment.  I’ve finished 4 books in two weeks.  In balance I haven’t even finished last week’s comics yet…  but I should get those done tonight so I’m not in the hole!

My pet peeves started to show up in book 3 and the first 250 pages of book 4 annoyed me.  But there is still enough happening per book to make it engaging.  But far less does happen in book four… I also think that the extreme length of book four (1000 pages) is what drives slightly smaller books in the next few, but the downside is that we start to miss out on POV characters in each book and have to recover time frames in the next…

I also finished the game 10,000,000 on my IPad.  6 hours of time (5:57 actually).  It is awesome.  Pauly recommended it.  But his game had a bug so I passed him long ago.  My final score was 14,000,000.

Saw the Expendables 2 on Sunday.  If you liked the first, the second if way better.  Less touchy feely scenes, more action.  More cute in jokes.  More action.  And Chuck Norris?  Coolest ever.  And the big climax?  everyone is in it.  A warning though – the movie is very silly.  Some of the injokes are very corny.  The action scenes are beyond over the top.  Don’t check your brain at the door.  Leave it at home.  Locked in a box.  In your closet.

The title is my own classic PR injoke…


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