Weekly Recap

I shouldn’t blog when I’m in such a lousy mood. Today sucked.

The good this week.  There was a bunch of it, but most of it escapes my memory now.

Mom and Tim came back from holiday.  They had a quiet relaxing time.  Tim came over Wednesday with a giant comic stack.  That was cool.  It is comic day again tomorrow and I haven’t yet depleted it.

But Pauly also came over Wednesday.  So the three of us played a quick game of Arkham.  Oh, was it a disaster.  But fun.

Speaking of fun disasters, Friday night gaming… Tim, Dano, Rob and myself.  It would be spoilers to talk about what happened, but it forms a crucial part of the fabric of the campaign.  It was great fun and horrible at the same time.

I’ve started to reread the Wheel of Time.  Finished book 1 and I’ll be done book 2 today or tomorrow morning.  It is astounding how much happens in book 1.  And how little of the quirks that eventually come to annoy me are present.  I really, really like The Eye of the World.  It is far from a perfect book, but it still has everything that made me love this series to begin with.

OK.  Bad.

First I’ve been having trouble getting out of bed in the morning.  Nothing show stopping yet, but I often fall asleep worried that I’ll be able to rise in the morning.  First I lever myself into a seated position.  I was having trouble with that earlier this year, but I’ve adjusted how I do it and I’m not having issues any more.  Next I stand just enough to straighten my right leg.  The farther out in front of me my leg is the easier this is, but the harder it makes the next step.  If it is too close some days I just don’t seem strong enough to stand up that far.  So there is a middle ground, but it seems to move from day to day.  Sometimes it takes two go’s to do step 2.  Third I use my right leg as a lever to push myself upright and eventually also straighten my left leg and my back.  If my right leg is too far out, this 3rd step becomes impossible.  When I have issues in the morning, it is generally because my leg is too far out.  I have a block that keeps it from sliding, but that block shifts over time.  Also my mattress slides back so it needs straightening.  Finally, because step 2 is sometimes easier than others sometimes I just need it farther out in order to stand.  Last week it always took 3-4 tries to complete step 3.  It is also the riskiest since failing here could result in falling.  Failing steps 1 and 2 mostly mean I’m just stuck in bed.

Monday morning I adjusted all the furniture in the room slightly to try to solve the problem.  When I went to bed Monday night I was even more worried than normal since I might have adjusted things too much.  But it was just right and getting up today went very well.

I’ve now had trouble getting up from everywhere: my bed, my chair, my washroom, my scooter and my chair at work.  In this last year, I’m really starting to worry that I’m going to need to make some substantial changes to maintain any independence.

So Monday night I looked at a new house.  Really it was kinda lousy.  It seemed much smaller than my current place.  It wasn’t a corner unit and had much less light.  I’m not sure where my piano would fit and I don’t think all the comics and games would go in easily (although the spare room is pretty comparable).  But it has the advantage of being in a building with a home care program.  I’d be able to get help with standing – more than I do now.  But it also needs some substantial renovations to get it ready.  I want to be able to also have it ready for a time when maybe I can’t stand at all too.  So in addition to a standing lift also having some transfer lifts.

Anyway it is a big thing and I hate making big changes.  Or even thinking about them.  So that was stressing me out today.  (and the standing thing for most of the week before).

Then the weather today was lousy.

Finally, what could go wrong at work did go wrong at work.  At this point I want ONE day with no issues or escalations or people problems or vendor issues or tricky decisions.   We also may have had vacations cancelled.  Since I’m about the only one in the office that hasn’t taken any yet that really sucks.  Plus if I move forward with this house thing I’ll need a ton of time off to organize it.

Finally, The Pharmacy Speechcraft program asked me to participate again this year.  They also want me to give the model speech on the opening day.  This is the example of what a good speech should be.  Since I haven’t been speaking regularly for two years this is something I’m not prepared for.  Expect at least two blogs in the upcoming two weeks to deal with the speech development.

That was a much more substantial recap than normal.


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