No one likes the Olympics

There is a dearth of Olympics discussion in the forums I frequent. Not from my Facebook friends, those I follow on twitter, the websites I go to or at work. It show I’ve self selected a group of people that don’t follow the games.

I’ve heard some people say that they just aren’t excited this year.

Me? I’m loving them. I watch coverage every moment I’m home. Canada is doing good. The sports are exciting. In the morning when my tv alarm turns on, I get a live event instead of an infomercial. On Wednesday and Thursday that included watching us win medals in rowing as I got ready for work.

On a comic news site I read, there was an article saying that NBC had too much coverage. I did a spit take. If I only had the NBC coverage I’d feel it was anaemic. The writer’s complaint wasn’t that he hated the coverage, but that he couldn’t just get caught up in 15 minutes. Bah! I want full events, player profiles, medal ceremonies, and intelligent interviews. 24 hour games. I love it.

Day 7 and 7 medals. Cool.


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