Weekly Recap

My week was more than just the weekend. Lots of cool stuff.

Work – my boss got back from holiday and my stress went way down. Last week was smooth. And we finished a major milestone. One we’ve been working on since October.

Treek visited. He was just passing through. So busy he missed the weekend with the rest of us. He was on his bike. A Yamaha vstar – not that that means anything to me. We had dinner at the Keg. It was delicious. I’m a man of simple bacon wrapped,blue cheese coated tastes. He seems to be doing well.

I had shoe issues. Earlier this year I bought shoes. Very nice new shoes. But I was worried about standing and walking in them so I hadn’t tried them out. With the Treekster around it seemed like a good opportunity. The good news was I walk much easier in them. The bad is that I couldn’t stand up from my scooter or my desk. So useless. I’m a bit worried. They have a slightly ¬†thicker sole. That makes it harder but it isn’t a big difference.The heel also isn’t unevenly worn. I can get a shoe with a thinner sole. But not with a weirdly worn heel. Heck, fixing that was what I was looking forward to most.

They’ll go back and I’ll try again.

Finally my aunt Fran visited. She looks really good. I thought we had a nice visit while Mom fussed around in the background. It was the highlight of a pretty darn nifty week!




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