GGW Recap

The highlight game was a round of Fury of Dracula.  It spread over Saturday night, Sunday morning and early Sunday afternoon.  I was Dracula.  I had both astounding luck and poor luck.  The poor luck was in completing the game goals of spawning vampires.  The good luck was in evading the hunters for a long, long time.

I played an aggressive game.  When given the opportunity to run, I instead moved to where I could confound my foes.  The result was I caused the hunters a lot of damage, but didn’t manage to finish any of them.  I changed strategies in the morning and ran again, but in the afternoon changed back.  That was when my good luck ended.  They final cornered me and staked me.  I lived four whole days game time which should be enough to win, but I didn’t mature a spawn in all that time.

Not all the games were so gory.  I brought two new games that i wanted to try.  The first was The Resistance.  It went over like a lead balloon.  We only gave it a single round because it just didn’t work for the group.  we played with 8 players.  I think I read somewhere that 8 is the weakest number for the game, but even I didn’t want to try with a different number.  It is short so I will do some research and confirm my suspicion.  If 5 works better, for instance, I might pull it out for another go some Friday.

The second game was Eclipse.  It qualifies as a BIG game.  With explanation it took four hours or so.  It went very well.  I really enjoyed myself and want to play again.  The play time can be drastically reduced I think.  I lost.

The only game I did win all weekend was a game of Galaxy Trucker.  That game was pulled out twice.  Once I played and once I didn’t.  The time I played I kicked butt in the third round when Dave made a crucial mistake.  My ship was a mess crossing the finish line, but it was worth a pile of points.

We played two more cooperatives: Space Alert and Pandemic.  Pandemic remains one of my favourite games, but this time it kicked out butts.  So did Space Alert.  Three rounds of each were fairly demoralizing.  But still fun.

We rounded off the event with Munchkin on the first night.  Surprisingly I had a lot of fun considering that normally I quite dislike the game.  I think the alcohol helps.

There were several other games I didn’t play – Runebound was played.  We played only a single BIG game.  That might be my only regret, but each one of those takes a lot out of you.  The drawback of those games is that the Guys Weekend is the only time playing them is a realistic option since they take so long to complete.  Other than that small regret and wishing I had won at least one other game are my only gaming regrets of the weekend.

Our found was uninspired this weekend.  The big meals being donairs and burgers.  My favourite meal was the last – Dave made some awesome scrambled eggs.  My second favourite meal was the restaurant – I had a waffle hollandaise.  Poached eggs and crumbled bacon on top of a waffle drizzled in hollandaise sauce.  It was delicious, but didn’t come from our hands.  Not that I’m complaining.  The fancy meals take a long time and a lot of effort goes into them by the chefs.  I don’t help at all.  So having folks around is cool.

Not helping is getting a bit old.  I was more dependant than ever on help.  Last year was the first year I needed help for all the standing.  This year i also needed some help dressing and my initial positioning in bed.  Grr.  I don’t mind having to ask for help.  At least not much.  But being a burden and having no independence is a drag.  The guys also helped with the hill which I really appreciated.  I love that weekend, but getting home and being able to take care of myself – at least to the extent I still can – was pretty awesome.

Everyone there helped.  There isn’t a way to say how much I appreciate that.  Thank you.

The real low point for me was the mass though.  It seems the parishes around Boyle are in trouble financially.  Knowing that was a bummer.  The mass itself was pretty nifty.

There was also alcohol – to get back in the good column.  We got the amount pretty much right.  Tim’s grog was great.  Tasted good – really good.  There were beergaritas.  And there was normal beer.  We also had enough water around that I woke up relatively hangoverless each night.

There isn’t a big story from this weekend though.  since the biggest story last year was a barely averted tragedy that is good, but no one did anything truly ridiculous either.  I’ll miss having a tale to tell at work tomorrow though.

None of the above really mentions the people though.  They were all uniformly awesome and a pleasure to hang out with for a few days.  Now that I’ve had a day to recover, I’m looking forward to next year already.



2 thoughts on “GGW Recap

  1. Dano says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only one already waiting for next year.

  2. Robbob says:

    next year will be even better!!!!! 😀

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