Meeting Minutes

As the only attendee at the management IT meeting tomorrow I promised to attend and take detailed notes.  I’ve composed them ahead of time:

Management IT Meeting

July 18th, 2012
Present: Todd
Absent: Everyone else

Trivia: What is the origin of the word trivia?

– The common usage only originated in the 20th century.  Its origin is from the Latin trivium meaning meeting of three ways/roads.  It referred to the basic knowledge taught to romans; being the disciplines of rhetoric, grammar and logic.  Three subjects that are not commonly taught today at all and are solely lacking by being replaced with an ever increasing fount of trivia.  (See I tricked you and used the common usage at the end of that sentence.)

Director’s Report

In the absence of any director’s I’ll give the director’s report.

Action: Please note in the minutes the awesomeness of Todd.

Report on Project X: I haven’t actually seen Project X yet.  It looks a bit silly to me.  I did see The Artist the other day though.  Pretty good movie.  Deserving of acclaim.  But I didn’t think it was all that.  I would have given the acclaim, but held off on some of the accolades.  It had a chauffeur and a dog though.  How can you go really wrong if you include a chauffeur and a dog?

Manager’s Report

In the absence of any managers, I’ll give the manager’s report

Action: In light of Todd’s aforementioned awesomeness, I’d like to recommend Todd for some accolades.  And a cash bonus.  And a Porsche.

Recent News: Actually, I’ll just talk about the Newsroom here.  The show is surprising me about being far less about the news and more about the relationships between the cast members.  I may need to revise some of my earlier comments made in regards to what I thought it was in light of what it is turning out to be.  The latest episode was incredible.  It was taut, funny, and emotionally evocative.  This show makes you want to yell at the screen, “Why are you doing that?!”  But the characters are mostly self-aware enough to realize their own foibles.  It is dynamite.

Team Lead report

This week we’ve been solidifying our environment, dealing with crisis, learning of the impending departure of one of our founding fathers and generally being busy as snot.  I am exhausted.

That is not aided by my fire alarm going off at 4:09 am this morning.  My top speed, even when under impending threat of death, is snail like.  I put on a shirt.  Grabbed my walker (with a pile of comics), my phone, and went and put shoes and socks on my waker as well.  In the urgency, I made the decision that I would go without pants as my bed clothes were quite modest.

It doesn’t seem quite as modest when you are standing in your hall at 4:20 am reading a comic while wearing no pants.  The fire fighters came and turned off the alarm.  But it wouldn’t clear properly so they had to disable it.  It seems to be fixed again tonight, but probably just with duct tape and bailing twine.

Getting back into my suite shortly before 4:45 am, I made the decision not to return to bed for the next 30 minutes.  As a result I am tired.

Round Table

Any additional comments?  None?

Next meeting, July 25th.  Meeting adjourned.



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