I have no idea what to write about tonight.

  • The Shaw Court Fire
  • this misogynist comedian I read about
  • the two awesome graphic novels I read (The Score and Locke and Key:Clockworks)
  • the storm last night
  • how excited I am about this board game I do not quite have yet
  • Comicon rumours

But none of it inspires me to write.

Here is a short anecdote.

A corrections officer at work on training approaches me and says, “Hi Todd. How are you doing?” I had no clue who it was. I looked blankly. “I used to play D&D with you in Peace River. Well, OK, mostly with your brother.”

I know this one dude from PR, who is a corrections officer, whom I used to occasionally play D&D with, but who mostly played D&D with my brother, but no matter how I tried to add 20 years to my memory of that dude, I couldn’t jive it with the person talking to me.

We chatted briefly. About gaming and my brother and about the training and what not. I left and called my brother. “Oh, that must be that dude I used to play with.” “He looked nothing like that dude,” I said. “Could it be someone else?” “Maybe. Maybe it could be this other cat. But I’m not even sure he is a corrections officer.”

We left it at that.

I talked with our security guard. “Don’t you hate it when you run into someone who knows you, but you have no clue who they are?” “Boring story,” the guard responded. “But we can just look up his name on the sign in sheet.”

That is how I confirmed it was the other cat and not the dude.


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