Beat the heat

When Mom was growing up, as I understand it, when it was hot you spent the day at the lake.  Slocan Lake was about 3 blocks from home (Bigelow Bay anyway – The Orchard was a few block further).  Temperatures often got quite hot, but the lake was glacier fed.

When Dad was growing up, as I understand it, when it was hot you found shade beside the barn, had a beer and hoped you weren’t made to go out and work.  I never saw a lake near Blumenhof and google map only shows a few nearby ponds.

When I was growing up, I saw both.  Mom would take us down to the wading pool beside the Heart River.  When we were older it was the pool beside the Heart River.  Finally, we just went into the heart River.  Dad would sit in the sun until his nose peeled and then move into the shade or the carport.  Mom would complain about the heat.  Dad would luxuriate in it.

There was a complex ballet necessary to keep our house cool.  Its grandest feature were the giant windows facing west to see the river valley.  The summer sun would stream in the patio doors on the south and then swing around to beat its most intense heat into the biggest windows.  Or it would have if the wasn’t a window and door regimen,  When they could be open, when they could be closed, when the drapes needed to be pulled.

I was still fairly young when we got roll shutters for all three picture windows.  During the sunniest, most gorgeous days they were shut tight.  It may have been noon outside, but it was shadowy within.  But the house stayed cool.

Now I’m an adult.  I don’t swim so both lakes and pools are out.  Fortunately, I have the extensive training from Dad to bask in the heat with a cool beer.  I can’t take the full sunlight for more than 20 minutes at a stretch, but the heat itself doesn’t bother me.  And I have a luxury that I didn’t as a child – A/C in my bedroom to help the night go by.

Although it feels more necessity than luxury.  I do not follow a strict windows and doors regimen and my condo also catches the end of day heat.  Plus my condo is special designed to circulate no air into the bedroom.  Air flow must proceed down two orthogonal halls to go from the front into my bedroom.  It always gets lost – probably that left turn at Albuquerque.

It isn’t fancy, but it is enough for me to beat the heat.


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