Lost Season 2 – Reminisces

I finished season 2 last night.  Again.  Season 2 was and is my favourite season of Lost.


It engages more in the mysteries of the island.  I really enjoyed the new introduced characters: Eko and Desmond remain my two favourite Losties.  The Others became more than just a menacing presence.  The Dharma initiative was just nifty.  There was a real sense of threat and consequence in the season.

But in rewatching it also has most of the flaws that were annoying in the end of the series.  The Jack/Kate/Sawyer love triangle was already getting old.  John’s pendulum swings from absolute faith to a complete lack get repeated for the second time.  Characters are introduced with the intention of filling time in the season and then are killed at season’s end.   Mysteries are introduced as answers to previous mysteries.  Some mysteries are just written out of the show… (Walt’s special nature in this season.)

Season 3 is up next.  It was always my least favourite season.  Too much time spent with the Others turned out to be less interesting than more.  Le sigh.

But watch it I shall!  Then comes Season 4 when they start to switch up the flashback formula with the flash forwards.


2 thoughts on “Lost Season 2 – Reminisces

  1. Suellen says:

    Never watched a single episode. Lost was one of those shows that I was afraid would go all X-Files on me.

    • Hmm. It really didn’t. But many would argue with me.

      The core plot – get rescued – was resolved. The character arcs were all completed. And the questions raised in the Pilot were all answered.

      So it wasn’t the X-Files.

      However, each new episode introduced new questions. At least one. 95% of those were also eventually resolved but some were not.

      That annoyed some people – me included. Plus the adding of new mysteries and layers created doubt that it could be all resolved.

      But even in season one answers were provided as well. A big question of why did the plane crash was answered in season two. So they weren’t stingy with their answers. But more questions piled up than we’re resolved. And often the answer just led to another question.

      Until season six. Every episode of the last half of that season answered lots of question. Although even then some new ones arose.

      The other complaint would be that many people found the core answers unsatisfactory. Although most everything was resolved, they left unfulfilled.

      Not me. I was happy with the answers.

      I think that was longer than my post!

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