Indie Comics

Superhero books from the big two (Marvel and DC) are my first comics hankering.  But there is a ton of other good stuff out there.  I don’t go too far afield in my comics purchases, so there is little really indie indie stuff on this list.

But this is some of the stuff I’m most excited to read each week.



Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Barely indie.  The original creator is making stories for what further seasons of the show might have been.  Season 7 was uneven.  Season 8 has been pretty cool.

Conan The Barbarian – I’m here for Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan (I hope she does more).  It is Conan.

Massive – Brian Wood again.  The story of what happens after there is a world wide ecological disaster.


Sixth Gun – A mystical western.  Guns of hellfire.  Shootouts with golems.  This started off solid and is getting better each issue.

Courtney Crumrin – I’m just trying this out.  For Harry Potter fans.

Bad Medicine – House meets X-files.  I read the first two issues last week.  Intriguing.


Rachel Rising – Ah.  Terry Moore is an indie star.  His opus SIP was often uneven.  The follow up Echo was a tight story about science and saving the world and action.  Rachel Rising is a horror book and is often quite creepy.


Manhattan Projects – I’m not a big Hickman fan.  He’s too cynical for my tastes.  But this one works for me.  What if the Atom Bomb wasn’t the most dangerous thing the Manhattan Project worked on?

Saga – New comics from Bryan K Vaughn and Fiona Staples.  Sci-fi Romeo and Juliet riff.  The star crossed lovers come from different warring races.  And they have to protect their newborn baby.

Dancer – A standard spy thriller.  What if the gov’t cloned their assassins, one went rogue and started to kill the other himselves?

Fatale – Supernatural Noir.  This might not be for everyone, but those who like it will love it.  Brubaker and Phillips doing their thing.

Mind The Gap = My newest favourite thing.   Only one issue in, I’m not sure how to describe it.

Morning Glories – Lost meets Battle Royale/The Hunger Games.  This one rewards close reading and re-reading.  Tough to follow as stand alone issues.

Secret – What if your security consultant company are the bad guys?  Not sure about this one yet.

Thief Of Thieves – A heist/caper comic.  What happens when the best thief in the world retires?

Walking Dead – You’ve probably heard of this.


The Spider – Old school pulp.  I’m not sure I’ll stick with this.


Locke and Key – My other favourite thing.  Straight up horror, but with heart and humour.  When Bill Watterson (of Calvin and Hobbes fame) did a guest art, I was blown away.  How did that happen?  I’m reading in trades and The latest series is just finishing.  Likely a few months until the next one…

Those are some fun books.


One thought on “Indie Comics

  1. PZS0012 says:

    I have a new digital release I would like for you to consider reviewing/promoting on your fine site.
    It’s a crime-noire tale called The Bends: One Shot.

    The intended audience is mature.

    ( available here for now: )

    I would like to send you a PDF of the completed work for your review/consideration.

    Here are some sample pages:

    This is not spam, by the way. I just thought you may like it and may want to give me a review. I also seek validation.

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