Weekly Recap

I didn’t recap last week.  The week before was a nightmare thingy.  Mostly work stress followed by trouble getting out of bed Friday morning.  I spent all weekend thinking about the whiny recap I’d be writing on Monday.  On Monday most of the work stuff turned around.  As of today almost all of it has. I’m glad I didn’t write it.

This week I read a book.  China Mieville’s newest book, Railsea.  I enjoyed it as I do all Mieville’s work, but I do not get his fascination with trains.

I’ve started to rewatch Lost.  I like Season 1.

We played Stronghold on Friday – Rob, Dano, Tim and I.  My team lost in round 8 or 9.  We deserved that win.

I saw Prometheus on the weekend.  Reviewed it yesterday.

I worked from home on Wednesday and Thursday.  My scooter is all shiny and new.  I drove around the mall twice.  I went fast.  Except for the crowds.  They were slow.

Talked to a buddy on Sunday.  His grandma is ailing.  Seems to be something going around.  Regardless, grandmas and their families remain in my thoughts and prayers.

That is it.  I’ve recaped.


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