School -so long ago

I went to 12 years of primary school education with the same 20 people. Is that typical?

It seemed normal, but cool to me.

I attended a French immersion program at the Catholic public school in Peace River. Our starting class in grade one greatly resembled our graduating class in grade 12. When someone joined the class or people left it was a big event. When our class was merged in with the English stream in high school it was a big event.

In our last couple years a few people deserted the class for the public school on the high hill. That was weird.

I wasn’t close to everyone, but in my head and heart they are still like a pseudo family. If those people asked for help, I’d try to help. If those people have good news, I’d be interested to hear it. It isn’t exclusive- those people that joined in grade seven got added to the list.

That being said, we certainly weren’t the closest grade to go through Glenmary and IC. the grade after us was even closer. My brother’s class might have been too.

I don’t want to name folks for privacy concerns and because I’d likely miss an obvious name. But it takes some of the teeth out of this post. Nuts.

Anyway, a howdy hello to anyone from that class in any iteration who ever stumbles across this blog. Sorry I suck at staying in touch.


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