I’ve been better recap

This will be short. I need to fit it in between bathroom breaks. Not at 100% today.

Brother’s birthday: thumbs up. Booked bus too short though.
Game Friday was pretty awesome. Nicely done GM.

GoT was good. Might be the best of the season. I think they botched the landing though with Loras and Renly.

Play test released. It occupies my thoughts. I’m such a geek. And I’m not even that into 5e.

Dave lent me another Aquaman. I was so far behind I got to read two in two weeks. Nifty.

Drinks out with the work crew last week. Nice turn out. Missed a different drinks out with the old work crew the day before due to an appointment.

In related news, the first Taco del Mar I ever ate at is now closed. Sad smiley face.

Ok. Done. Take care.


2 thoughts on “I’ve been better recap

  1. Dave says:

    They closed the one on Whyte?

    They closed the one on the west side of Callingwood… Hope that’s not a sign.

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