Synonyms for Heffalump

It seems there are none.  Its genus, family and species are unknown.  What is known is it craftiness, size and that it is dangerous.

They lurk.  They lurk just behind you.  Sitting there lurking.  Standing there lurking.  Walking carefully on tiptoe behind you lurking.

The best defense against Heffalumps, as with any monster that comes out after dark, is to have your music with you.  Na na na na na na – NA!  Even Na na na na.  Na na na na.  Hey Hey Hey.  Goodbye.  Those unable to sing, whistle or at least hum might have no defense to their sinister lurking.

Like ducks.  Sinister ducks. 

Although it is always best to duck when a shoe is thrown at your head.  Unless the shoe is just a feint and you duck into a raised knee.

Likely raised by a lurking Heffalump.

Fortunately nothing is synonymous with Heffalump so they remain quite rare.  Rarely sighted.

Stay safe people.  Keep your music with you.


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