Donairs – an ode upon

Donairs may be the perfect man food.

Bravery – the Donair is a mystery meat. It requires a devil may care attitude to eat. It sits in the open air, spinning on its spit all day. It seems a health risk to me. That giant chunk of meat is exposed to every fart in the store. So bravery.

Bragging rights – finishing a Donair is a feat. Finishing a jumbo Donair is a significant feat. Eating more than one is a tale for the ages. So bragging rights.

Casual disregard of propriety – the end results of the Donair are not pleasant. Fortunately, the eater doesn’t care. So casual disregard of propriety.

Price for enjoyment – there is a lot of Donair for a reasonable price. so good price.

Gourmet – there isn’t much variation in a typical Donair, but like wine or scotch the various notes can be discussed and analyzed. Meat to pita ratio, freshness of toppings, spiciness of the meat, the advantages of a sweet sauce over a tzatziki. Plus there are rare fancy Donair shops. Sea salt, grilled and pressed, different sauces. So feel like a gourmand.

And so the perfect man food.

I went a different way than yesterday.


2 thoughts on “Donairs – an ode upon

  1. boethius61 says:

    The donair is all about ratios. Veggies/sauce/meat. Not that any one ratio is correct. It all depends upon your mood. Once upon a time I had a larger appetite. For the hungry man nothing beats the massive pile of satisfying protien in the center 80% of a jumbo. Now-a-days I’m a regular man. I like the increased relative veggie content.

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