In which the week is capped and then capped again

The good – Dinner at the Keg for Mother’s Day.  When they sat us, they forgot to assign a server.  12 minutes later the server came by all apologetic.  Then the manager came by and comped our drink and appetizer orders.  Two upsides there.  First, I was paying so this was a big reduction on the bill.  Second, we had been gabbing so we didn’t even notice that we hadn’t been served.  🙂  Dinner was good.  The restaurant was too loud though.

More the Good – I faked my way through the evening adventure and it resulted in ramping the consequences and tension way up.  I’m kinda stoked.  It will all either come together or I’ll drop the ball next week.  It is way easier to throw a dozen balls into the air than to catch them all successfully and gracefully.

More the good – saw Pirates: Band of Misfits.  Perfectly enjoyable experience.  Although it wasn’t as good as the high water mark of Chicken Run, no fan of the former would dislike the later.

Even more the good – Got a buncha chopping done at the mall and THEN I enjoyed the beautiful day outside.  Ah.  Nice weather.  I love it.  Yeah!

The bad -Nothing comes immediately to mind.

The ugly – There’s this thing I’m thinking of doing a blog on.  Haven’t decided yet though.  So maybe also nothing.

Good luck!  Stay frosty.


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