The Avengers – The Bad Bits

Avengers was 100 lbs of awesome in a 20 lbs bag.  The end, end credit bit may be the most silly, nifty extraneous moment ever in a super-hero movie.

But it had nonsensical moments.  This will cover a few of those.

It is filled with spoilers.  Spoilers are things that might ruin your enjoyment of the movie by spoiling the plot or the emotional beats.

Do not read this is you want to avoid spoilers.




Why was the Hulk under control?  Earlier in the movie he wasn’t in control.  Late in the movie the heroes turn their back on him.  He became the cuddly in control Hulk.

What was Loki’s plan?  First the overall plan.  I’ll open a door and let an overwhelming army through.  They’ll let me lead them because I made a deal with them.  Once I lead them to victory, I’ll be King of Earth.  First they weren’t his army… their mysterious leader (made clear in the credits) leads them.  Once Loki opens the door he no longer has leverage over the overwhelming alien army or their leader.  Why would they hold up the deal?  Second, once you find out who their leader is, you know he is sort of a “scorched earth” type.  Loki wouldn’t have much earth to be King over.

Then there is the middle plan.  This is the plan where he makes the Avengers angry.  This is a plan even Monty Python’s Knights of the Round Table realize is bad.  “It may become so cross it will make a mistake!”  And the Knights weren’t the brightest.  The plan might have been to get them to split up.  But that would only work if they didn’t know Loki was manipulating them.  The stated goal was to free the Hulk.  To what end?  Crashing the helicarrier?  Hawkeye did a much better job with two arrows.  Too bad he didn’t have three!

Then Iron Man figures out that Loki wants an audience to show off to.  But Loki just tried to split up his audience… or crash them or make them angry or something.  (It did lead to some nice dramatic moments.)

It would take about 8 seconds to fall off Stark tower.  Someone should time that sequence.  Give another second for air resistance.

I never see Widow use her wrist blasters.  That makes me sad.

The council argues for instituting phase 2 – weapons powered by the Tessaract.  How did they hope to do this?  They didn’t have the Tessaract.

Note the pettiness of my little flaws.  🙂  This was a pretty awesome movie.


9 thoughts on “The Avengers – The Bad Bits

  1. Dave Silvestri says:

    Couple of comments…

    Widow definitely shocked a couple of ET baddies with her blasters… They went all shocks and blowy like…

    You mention the 8 second fall but not getting thrown through plate glass?

    There were comments Pre movie that this hulk was more in control… I think youre supposed to realize that when the janitor tells Banner that Hulk obviously aimed his fall to minimize people getting hurt. That and the comment that “I’m always angry”

    As for the weapons… Red skull showed in the CA movie that you can harness some of the power to feed into those weapons including “bullet” magazine.

    I agree with the rest…also, thought it was very odd that Thor would come into the Quinjet and just steal Loki…

    • Good points!

      I added the fall bit later… Blog seemed short. Not sure why the falling bugged me and the glass break didn’t. Both follow the same rule in an action sequence. They’ll do what is necessary to be cool.

      Forgot about charging the guns. That makes sense. Were they just leftovers then? The early exposition seemed to indicate the process didn’t work yet. Doesn’t matter really.

      They spent quite a bit of effort foreshadowing an in control Hulk. Even from as early as choosing to work in Calcutta. It is just that he was completely out of control on the Helicarrier. Difference between losing it and choosing to lose it maybe?

    • Ooh and the entire “must fight the first time the heroes meet”. Thor on the Quinjet was just to cause that.

      But they had a Quinjet! How cool is that?

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