Weekly Recap

Last week was tough.  I was pretty tired all week.  And Tim is out of town so there were no comics.  Yes, I have a rough life.

The low point was getting stuck in my chair on Friday afternoon.  Sigh.  The remaining staff were unable to help me up.  So an embarrassing situation turned into something more worrisome.  Tired in this case meant that slowly all week it became more of a challenge to get out of my chair at work.  I blame two things – the busyness of the week before and some truly long bus rides in both morning and evening.  I don’t think it is a trend towards getting into trouble at work.  Needless to say, I eventually made it home so it all worked out in the end.

There were several high points.  Mom was in a sparkling good mood all week.  That was nifty.  Yay Mom.  Next week she will hang with her sister, so she should be back to her normal grumpy self by the end of that.  (Note – that was a cut at Mom, not my Aunts.  My aunts are awesome.)

Gaming was cool.  There was an extra special guest from Lloyd.  And we played my newest game.  I won a very significant moral victory.  Or in other words my butt was severely kicked.

No great books or movies though.  I spent a lot of time sleeping once I finally got home.

Hmm, most boring recap ever.  I’ll do something exciting this week.



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