We bought a zoo -some notes

Instead of hanging out with friends tonight I stayed home and watched Cameron Crowe’s latest film, we bought a zoo.*

It isn’t his best. But I still liked it. Even a sub par Crowe film has transcendental moments. The low bits were the cute animal moments. The high points were the one on one moments.

Crowe has done several films about loss. This is another. He gets that you don’t get over real loss. Like the having was a part of you, eventuallyh the losing becomes a part of you too. Maybe even the not having becomes part of you. Loss is change.

Kinda maudlin. But the is a cute kid, some tween romance and lots of him our in the movie as well.

Scarlett Johansson. That is a beautiful woman. It is her gift and curse as a actress. I can’t not watch her. She is just gorgeous. But she never vanishes into a role. She is just too gorgeous.

Patrick Fugit is also in the movie. He fit right in. He just fits in a Crowe film. I approve.

Those are my notes. Oh – plot summary. Matt Damon’s wife has died and he and his two kids are sad. Mostly to escape, he buys a zoo. Scarlett Johansson’s character is the zookeeper. Running a zoo is hard and will either tear what is left of the family apart or pull them together.

*i messed up ordering my bus. Gave it a last try at 8 am this morning and found out at 2 I would miss the dinner party. Hope y’all had fun!


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