Movie Twizzlers

When I talk about the guys, I’m talking about a group that goes back a long time.  Not this decade, or century or millenium, but previous ones.  In the 1980s, one of the things the guys did together was head to the movies.

I’m not sure how often we went.  It seemed like a lot, but mostly we only caught the big actions movies and other summer blockbusters.  We went on Tuesday, Cheap  Tuesday, because we were students.  We saw the big 80s classics – Top Gun, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones, Aliens, Die Hard, Etc.

The guys at the point were me, DS, RT, KH, TP, (P)TL and sometimes my brother.  Mostly the same as the gaming group – mostly – exactly the same.  Good times.  Really good times.  Much later I had the fortune of meeting Bran because the routine continued into our summer breaks back from university.

I remember driving to the theatre in the car with whoever would give me a ride. Sometimes we’d carpool.  Sometimes we’d meet up there.  Sometimes the people that showed were a surprise – organized we were not.  We’d listen to tunes on the way there and spot whose vehicles had arrived before us.

After the show we’d hang on the sidewalk or street and discuss the movie.  Favorite moments, favorite quotes, whichever actress I was currently in love with… “Everyone should have their own  Nicole Kidman/Michelle Pfeiffer/Meg Ryan/etc.”

But this was the key bit: Rob would always buy Twizzlers.  And he would always share the Twizzlers during the movie.  If you were beside him, you’d feel a nudge of 3-4 candy strips on your arm.  You’d take one and pass the rest down.  Sometimes folks didn’t want one and they’d come back.

It is just a tiny little routine, but somehow it is an important part of my past.  At the very least it shows how cool and generous Rob was.

Movies – those were good times.


2 thoughts on “Movie Twizzlers

  1. Robbob says:

    Thanks Todd! I haven’t thought of those times in years. It’s good to remeber. 🙂

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