Proud to be Albertan

Now, to be clear, I’m pretty conflicted about the election results. Two reasons. I think the party should change every 20 years or so at least. (although that idea is a post in itself). I’m also worried that part of the reason for the win was fear based voting or strategic voting. I think we are better off voting for a positive reason than a negative one. (there’s another post of material!).

But here are three reasons I am happy.

Voter turnout was up. Not record levels but quite a bit over the last election. More than 50% of us voted. Good. Thank you Alberta.

My riding had a nail biter race. I went to bed and had to wake up to find the results. Whatever my vote there it had a significant difference. It gives one a good feeling.

We defied media, analysts and pundits. The is the second major Canadian election where the polls are just wrong. Great. Meet your candidates. Talk to your friends, family, neighbors, co- workers and strangers. Don’t be driven by polls. An election happens when we all come out to vote. Not during the campaign.

Congratulations to all candidates whether they won or lost. Thank you for your contribution to this province!


One thought on “Proud to be Albertan

  1. Suellen says:

    I have to say I thought about going strategic with my vote. So glad I didn’t.

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