Weekly Recap

It has been a strange week.  Way more going on than normal.

Monday – TV was fixed.  Work was nuts.

Tuesday – I FB’d in morning that it was looking like a great day.  Than I had a staff member resign and two other staff members report in with significant issues.  I jinxed my own people that day.

Wednesday – I met with some home care assessment folks in the morning.  That was weird.  I told those two ladies things about myself and my health and my routines that no one knows.  What you can say to strangers.  Moving onto the next stage of assessment/help tomorrow.  Work was nuts.  Then came comics.  Comics were good.  Thanks goodness for comics – they brought something normal back to the week.

Thursday – Dr.’s appt and then blood work and tests.  Work was nuts.  It didn’t help that this was now the third day this week I’d missed time due to personal appointments.  Grr.  But then came the highlight of the week – Concert night with my brother.  My review didn’t include the fact that he was pretty good company during the concert.

Friday – This was the low point.  I was exhausted and fairly useless at work.  Only critical items were accomplished.  Then at gaming, I fell getting out of my easy chair.  This has never happened before and is a big worry.  If I can’t get out of my seats at home, I’m hosed.  Nothing I’ve been able to cover with the home care people has any help with this core issue.  I think I need to ask for the chair to be raised again.  Then I heard some really bad news from a friend at gaming.  Those three things really overshadowed what was otherwise a great evening with friends.  There were even some rare and infrequent guests for gaming that I really appreciated showing up.  There was no gaming as we discussed politics almost all night.  We managed one hand of apples to apples.

Saturday – I was exhausted Saturday morning.  I went back to bed until 10.  Then it was off to a baptism and after-baptism party.  This would normally have been the highlight of the week.  Great event.  Congrats to my friends and their newly baptized child.

Sunday – Although I had just attended Mass the evening prior, I hadn’t cancelled or changed my bus route for Sunday.  So it was off to church again.  It was similar to the night before, but shorter, lacking in all my friends and family and with a different sermon and music.  🙂  Then DATS forgot me at the church.  I waited for the bus for 90 minutes.  I called after the 30 minute mark and the dispatcher indicated the bus was on the way, but still over 35 blocks west of me.  I waited another 25 minutes and called again.  They said the driver just forgot me.  They rushed another bus to me and it showed within 10 minutes.  Fortunately it was a gorgeous day to sit outside.  I quite enjoyed myself.  Plus I was able to complain online – this also pleased me.  I then watched ‘Wrath of the Titans’ – I have watched it so you don’t have to.

And back to today.  It was a normal day at work.  Nothing weird.  I have now voted and am eagerly awaiting the results show.

Until next week folks!  Take care of yourselves.


One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. Slyck says:

    You forgot mom’s involvement with the concert.

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