I had a gun

It was very nice.  Made from metal and plastic.  It shot caps.  Paper caps, but not very well.  A rock sent them off better than the guns hammer.  It looked like a wild west six-shooter.    It was an awesome toy.

I ran around the neighbourhood and pulled the trigger.  I pointed it at friends and pulled the trigger.  Normally, then my friend would fall over dead.  Or at least dying painfully from a stomach wound.  We played cowboys and indians.  We also had a head dress and a bow – it was equal opportunity slaughter.

How much of that description seems wrong now?  Realistic looking guns?  Simulated violence by kids?  Racist depictions of Native Americans?

It was fun though.

Here is what worries me now though.  I’d worry that a kid running around the block with a brandished gun would themselves get shot.  How ridiculous is that?  Ridiculous – so ridiculous it sounds almost credible.

That is a worse thought to me than all the other wrong bits about the games I played.


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