Happy Day!

I hope you are having a great day.  I was quite unhappy with my last post.  It showed no enthusiasm whatsoever.  Therefore this post will be ebullient.

Last week was pretty awesome.  There was a long weekend.  I’m not sure you noticed it.  For those of you not reading Jim ‘n’ George, the author did a full two weeks on Easter Bunny jokes.  I thought that was impressive!  ‘This too shall pass’ was just a horrendous pun.

I saw my Mother twice last week.  That is a special treat.  Both times I was given food and both times it was lamb.  Both times were yummy.

The Easter Bunny brought me nothing.  Or perhaps it is just hidden too well.  Likely I was given nothing.  But my borther came to Easter services at church so that was cool.  On Sunday, I thought I had messed up my DATS bus order and had RUINED Easter.  But everything worked out in the end.

The other big news is that my brand new TV is broken.  After I eat supper it will be straight to bed for ole me.  There is still a working TV there.  Grr.  Bad TV.  Bad.

I’m following the election coverage pretty closely and have decided which way my vote will go.  I’ve read 2.5 party platforms.  Now that my TV is broke I’ll have lots of time to finish up reading the rest.  There is a silver lining to everything!

The new season of the adaptation of my favorite book series, Game of Thrones has started.  The acting and direction remain top notch.  They seem to have increased the amount of nudity and sex this season though – which is astounding as there was lots last season already.  At least there is no double standard regarding depictions of violence – they have plenty of that too.

Not much else to say.  Enjoy your evening.  Look forward to work tomorrow.  It may very well be awesome.

Really.  It could be.


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