Eisner award Nominations

The Eisner nominations were announced this week.  The big comic book awards get handed out in August.  You can see the Press Release here.

The nominations are my favorite bit.  I get to see how my tastes line up with the judges and get hints about books I might enjoy, but that I’ve never tried.

I’ve read three of the five noms for single issue.  3 of 5 continuing.  2 of 5 limited series.  None of the Best Short story.  And none of the best new Graphic Album (OGN).  So there is room there for me to discover new things.  Of my current favorites: Daredevil, Rachel Rising and Locke and Key are all represented in there.  If I was to add anything I’m really digging Batman and Wolverine and the X-Men.

I’m reading books by all five nominated writers.  They are cool, but my four “finds” of the year: Jason Aaron, Joe Hill, Scott Snyder and Nick Spencer aren’t among them.  That is sad.  So there is no new ground for me there.

I hit less in the writer/artist and the Penciller/Inker Categories.  But although I haven’t read everything there, I have tried most of the creators mentioned at some time in the past.

I’m disappointed that they removed the Best New Series category this year.  That is my favorite category…  It is odd considering that DC Released 52 new series in September.  There should have been a giant deluge of books to pick from.

Of course I read only a fraction of the books produced.  I’m not a great judge of what might be missed, but I’m pretty happy overall with the list.  Good luck to all the nominees.


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