Political, politics, and other cuss words

I’m thrilled to see the manner in which my friends are debating the election. Unfortunately, they mostly debate the merits of the Wildrose over the PCs. Certainly an important debate since those groups will in almost certainly compose the majority of government and both have interesting and dynamic leaders with different approaches.

But, le sigh, I can but hope that somehow, someway that we also see a boost to the left.

Almost done the Hunger games trilogy. Likely finished by bedtime. The vicious regime of over 75 years is overthrown in violent rebellion. Our system is much better. So is our current lot. Still I appreciate the chance of change even if all we get is a stronger opposition.

Anywho. Pay attention to the entire platform. Watch not just the leaders but also you candidates. They may form cabinet – or simply have important voting power.

Watch if any party stays nice. That would be important to me. I’m cynical there, especially given the already nasty nature of the campaigning.


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