Go Team Family Go!

We’ve always been proud of my brother.  Y’all fail to notice his accomplishments

He has a fancy after degree.  He’s the more dutiful and sympathetic child.  He has almost none of my many flaws.  But he is like Rodney Dangerfield – he can’t get no respect.

Now that should all change.  He’s transformed himself, literally,  and figured out bilocation.  And he is running in the provincial election in a riding in Calgary.  After he sweeps his riding, we’ll all need to finally acknowledge his everpresent greatness.

Check out his website.

Note: um – parts of this post may be lies.  Some might be damn lies.  But there aren’t any statistics.


4 thoughts on “Go Team Family Go!

  1. Suellen says:

    Pure awesome sauce! Tell us about the time he saved Lassie from the well.

  2. Stef says:

    Tim has a heightened vulnerability to wells, gravity or otherwise. Lassie will have to figure it out.

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