Weekly Recap

OK – the big news.  OK – there is no big news.  Last week was a quiet week.

I had no additional problems standing up last week.  But then again I didn’t try and repeat the activity that I couldn’t do.  I found another way instead.  I’m wondering if maybe I just need new shoes.  My heel is worn on the outside back side and it naturally causes my ankle to fold.  Even in the brace it forces the whole knee out that way.  That isn’t the whole thing, but getting new shoes might help.

It was on my list of things to do this weekend at the mall, but I forgot.  Treek and I grabbed brunch at the mall.  Then I tried to go to the Hunger Games but the elevator was out of service.  So then I tried to replace/upgrade my cell phone.  But the computers at all the kiosks for my provider were out of service.  So we went to Zellers and bought a drain stop.  New shoes and some glass tumblers were forgotten.  Nuts.

This was the week I got my Apple TV set up.  (Thanks bro.)  I bought it to play my music from my music library (now all digital) on my stereo speakers).  It works like a hot darn.  I tried watching a movie and that was fine to.  Then it all fell apart.

I had Apple woes.  My phone wouldn’t hold a charge on Saturday and spent the whole day drained.  Grr.  I finally figured out that it wasn’t the phone but that my Mac wasn’t properly powering the USB port.  It needed a reboot.  (This figuring out took from daybreak until bed time – no phone all day).  Strike two. After watching the rented movie on my Apple TV, the unit then locked me out.  It took away all options except to rewatch the movie.  That came back after I gave it a good long time out period in the corner standing in the garbage while on its knees on a desk.

But everything is back to normal now.

I finished the fantasy series I dislike.  Book four (the last) was finished on my way home from work Friday.  The ending was disappointing.  Sad.  It had grown on my in books two, three and the first 2/3s of book four.  But the ending had the same problems that the beginning had.

Six out for gaming on Friday.  We tried out two new games.  One of mine.  And one of Tim’s.  I won both.  Or neither.  I might have only played one of them and had my butt whooped.  I thought I was in it.  I was wrong.

Finishing the books gave me time to finally catch up on my comics.  I had fallen behind.  There were some pretty nifty books.

Today the writ dropped on the next election.  Yay.  I love election season.

That was the week of Todd.  Take care y’all.  As usual I have friends with family in need.  They are in my thoughts and prayers.


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