Weekly Recap

The Usual

Gaming was good.  I might have derailed the climax a little though.  Hopefully not.  It made a great scene for my character especially considering how he struggled in the previous scene. ‘

Still reading the book series I’m not a huge fan of.  I’m on the last book now and I’m quite engaged.  Funny that.

Movies – I saw the Lorax on the weekend.  The 3D was excellent – much better than John Carter.  he story was OK.  It had elements of a musical with some songs – I always like that.  Some of the images were truly inventive.  If it seems like you might like it, I’m sure you will.

Treek’s Visit

He came up on Wednesday and Thursday.  It was an OK visit.  I had him help me with some laundry.  Most importantly we ate out at the Keg and Brewsters.  That was Yummy.  In a normal week that would have been the big news.

Dad’s Birthday

Dad’s birthday was on Friday.  I spent the previous two weeks worrying about how I and Mom would deal with it.  (I wasn’t worried about Tim – he is plenty tough.)  I took Friday off.  I used the excuse of being around in case Mom wanted company, but in truth I wanted the time for myself too.

I shouldn’t have worried about myself.  These anniversaries don’t seem too hard.  Not much harder than any other day.  Really – I worried more during the lead up.  Maybe prayer came in handy.  I did see Mom that day and she seemed OK too.

Still – I did think of Dad that day fondly.

Standing Difficulty

The low side of the week happened Sunday morning when I couldn’t get out of my chair to go to mass.  The difference is between getting up wearing my shoes and braces and getting up in bare feet.  Both have been getting a bit harder, but the first one turned into a real issue on Sunday.

I eventually moved to option 2 and went to church in bare feet.  Kinda.  I managed to half put on my shoes while seated on my scooter.

Anyway, this is pretty worrisome to me.  If I can’t figure something out this might mean some pretty dramatic changes to the way I live.  I feel much better today.  I’m way less worried.  Which is pretty typical for me.

Good Wishes and stuff

There are lots of friends and family out there who are also struggling.  Know that y’all are in my thoughts and prayers.


6 thoughts on “Weekly Recap

  1. Dave Silvestri says:

    Was going to ask about your dad’s birthday after mass on Sunday… But you didn’t bring it up, so I didn’t either… Sorry, should have just asked.

    How’d your trip to iApple go?

  2. Dave silvestri says:

    Isn’t the Apple store just Ikea for tech?

    Did you get anything other than Apple tv?

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