Weekly Recap

Movie – already covered

Books – I’m now on book three of th fantasy series I don’t particularly like.  Sigh.  I must say it is growing on me.  I want to find out how it ends now.  1.5 books to go.

Gaming – Ah, a bigger group for gaming on Friday.  That was nifty.  Dano was in charge.  Good session.

Family – My brother and mother have returned from the wilds of Costa Rica.  They are safe and still mostly pale.  Two people that hide in sun are a strange choice to go to a tropical island.

Video Gaming – I haven’t mentioned this, but my game of choice lately is Kingdom Rush on my IPad.  I really like this game.  I’m at 65 stars and about 75% of the achievements.  The last five stars are quite achievable, but some of the last achievements will be challenging.

Purchases – Bought a new board game on the weekend.  That is three in the past few weeks (counting the game Tim bought – which I shouldn’t, but do.)

This week Treek is coming by.  Showing up tomorrow.

That covers the week.  Stay smart.


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