Weekly Recap

Well – you’ve had more blogs than normal in a week.  That might be due to the lack of anything interesting going on.

I’m reading a book I don’t really like.  I don’t have anything else to read.

I went and saw a movie I wasn’t really interested in.  Fortunately, I secretly have a fondness for romantic comedies so I didn’t hate it.  But it wasn’t the best movie ever.

I wrote about gaming night already.

I’m tired and it is only Monday.

Last week, I posted on FB, “Today might be the last day of winter.”  I knew we were expecting snow flurries on the weekend, but I didn’t expect this!  It is still winter.  More wintery than January.  Grr.  Grr I say.  There is a crew clearing the parking lot of snow right now outside.  While the snow is still coming down.  Grr.  Last Monday I managed to get my scooter stuck in the snow twice.  In both cases it wasn’t serious.  I rocked my way out the first time.  The second was at the main entrance of the mall and a passerby pushed me to traction.  I’m sure I could have rocked out of that one as well.

I bought a new board game at the mall.  It is a reimplementation of Dune.  It looks awesome.  Not that we’ve played Dune in years.  So it boggles my mind that I’d by a new version of the same game.  I also feel guilty because I shopped at a store that isn’t my game store.

Finally, I bought a new comic TPB.  Two in fact.  Locke and Key Vols 1 and 2.  I didn’t get comics last Wednesday so I’ve been going through withdrawal.  They are awesome.  I might do a review tomorrow.  I also feel guilty because I didn’t get them from my comic shop.  But I want the next two volumess – I’ll get those from my normal store.

That is everything.  Not much this week.

Prayers for the sick, the traveling and their families.


One thought on “Weekly Recap

  1. Dave says:

    Remember March is in like a lion as it eats the lamb… or something like that…

    Think that means the weather is supposed to suck at the beginning 🙂

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