Ignore this post.  It is an indulgence in high geekery.

The big summer comic event from Marvel is Avengers vs. X-Men.  CBR did an article about the four ‘generals’ of the two teams.  I think they got it wrong.  Which is unfortunate since the folks giving the details were two of the key writers (both of whom I like) and the Avengers editor (whom I also like).  So I’m going to re-hash it out Todd-style.

We will evaluate by these criteria on a four star basis:

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Tactical Thinking
  • War time experience
  • Ability to fight for ones passions
  • Ability to inspire others

The four captains are:

  • Captain America (Steve Rogers) – leader of the Avengers
  • Cyclops (Scott Summers) – leader of the X-Terminators (X-Men)
  • Luke Cage – leader of the New Avengers
  • Wolverine (Logan) – leader of X-Force and headmaster of the Jean Grey Academy

Not to leave you in suspense… Cap is going to win.

Strategic Thinking

  • Captain America – * * *
  • Cyclops – * * * *
  • Cage – *
  • Wolverine – * *

Cyclops wins.  He’s been studying strategy for years and deploys his people in the field with a purpose.  Cap is arguably his equal here, but I rank him less because the Avengers often don’t deploy with a strategy.

Tactical Thinking

  • Captain America – * * * *
  • Cyclops – * * * *
  • Luke Cage – * *
  • Wolverine – * * *

Wolverine has equal training and experience in this area to the top two, but I rank him lower because he is often single-minded on the battle-field.  It is often just him and the foe rather than the rest of the team.  Cap has an edge at the four star level.  This is his metier.

War Time Experience

  • Captain America – * * * *
  • Cyclops – * * *
  • Luke Cage – *
  • Wolverine – * * * *

Wolverine has the most experience here due to his long life time, but Cap has always been a Captain and leading troops.  Cyclops would rank four stars in this if Cap and Wolvie weren’t here.  In addition to leading a paramilitary unit since his mid-teens, he spent years in the future training his son.  Poor Luke loses every category due to this fact – he has never been a soldier.

Ability to Fight for Ones Passions

  • Captain America – * * * *
  • Cyclops – * * * *
  • Wolverine – * * * *
  • Luke Cage – * * * *

I’d rank Cap just a hair lower.  He’s often found other solutions than fighting (see The Captain and the end of Civil War).  Really this is what makes a super-hero.  I’d have to rank them all lower if Spidey was in this ranking, but otherwise…

Ability to Inspire Others

  • Captain America – * * * *
  • Cyclops – *
  • Luke Cage – * *
  • Wolverine – * *

Wolverine’s inspiration generally comes in mentor type relationships (see Kitty and Jubilee and others).  On the field of battle he’s always scary.  This is Cyclops’ big drawback.  His leadership is always questioned.  He leads through reasoned argument (or fiat) – not because he inspires.  I wonder about moving Cage higher on this one.

Total Stars

  • Captain America – 19
  • Cyclops – 16
  • Luke Cage – 10
  • Wolverine – 15

Poor Luke.  Wolvie comes higher than I’d expect.

And that is the tale of the tape.




2 thoughts on “AvX

  1. Dave Silvestri says:

    So… Basically Luke sucks and shouldn’t be leading a team… Sweet Christmas.

    I have no interest in this crossover so far… But that has increasingly been the case every summer…

    • Not at all. He’s I’ll suited to lead an army unit or be a general.

      Leading a superhero team? Most of the low ranked items fall off to be replaced by Strong moral code, Able to make other super heroes see eye to eye, and experience on a super hero team. He’d rank fours in all those.

      I like AvX because Jason Aaron is doing part of it and it marks the end of Bendis on Avengers. But the idea is contrived and someone, likely an Avenger, will have to act wildly out of character to start the conflict.

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