I don’t want to go to work

I woke myself rolling over in bed this morning. I started to nestle back into my pillows and blankets. A worry struck me. “What if it is too late to fall back to sleep properly?”. I checked my clock.

30 seconds until my alarm would go off.

Gah! My only desire now is the sleep I feel deprived of.

I got up. Tried a test cough. A trial sniffle. Nope. I’m perfectly healthy. No fever. My head is filled with sleepish thoughts, but otherwise clear. Not even a kidney stone twinge when needed. (although that would have kept me out of bed too.).

Last I checked, the government doesn’t offer a ” I’d rather be sleeping” day off.

If only my alarm had woken me one minute earlier I wouldn’t feel cheated of sleep.

So I’m on my way to work. There is no nap/ siesta room. But my mind is still filled with visions of my pillow.

Days like today call for adrenaline shots instead of simply caffeine.


2 thoughts on “I don’t want to go to work

  1. Tim Dyck says:

    Here the siesta is practically mandatory.

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