Downtown Abbey

Typing on the iPad. Who knows how well this will work.

I love Downton Abbey. I mentioned it the weekly recap on Monday but I got the name wrong. How embarrassing. They are doing a profile of me at work. I need to fill out this survey thing and one of the questions is “Favorite Tv Show”. Normally this would be a toss up of either the Wire or Care Bears (one of those is fake and should be replaced with The West Wing). But after only four episodes I’m all about Downton Abbey.

But none of you care. Is anyone else watching this? Season three has just finished. Is you take the murder mystery and the Altman flourishes out of Gosford Park, Downton is what you have. But it isn’t just taking away elements. A series can push in closer on all the characters. And instead of a murder mystery, Downton exists as part of history.

It has an ensemble cast of at least 18 primary characters. It is a period piece set in 1912 for the first season. It is about a noble British family, their servants and their estate, Downton Abbey. It is funny, kind, mean, serious, and mostly awesome. But I don’t know anyone else who would like it.

I finish this now to go watch another episode. Let me know if anyone else is watching.


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