Internet Security

A cousin asked me last week if his service provider could monitor his e-mail and internet usage.  The answer is yes.  Yes they can.

Two aspects of this are interesting to me – although neither are new and you’ve likely heard similar thoughts covered ad nauseam in the media.

The first is that the Internet is innately insecure.  It seems funny that this is true since the initial development occurred in a U.S. military related project, but it is.  Not that their design wasn’t secure, but the implementation of the Internet as a ubiquitous presence on every device with links and destinations controlled by people with whom you have no trust relationship.

Now since then plenty of security has been layered on top of the Internet.  The Internet can be secure, but it isn’t innately so.  The responsibility for ensuring that you are secure has moved from the developer to you.  Every use needs to be analyzed to be sure security is maintained.  Corporations and government hire people like me to ensure that their employees have to think about this as little as possible. But we cannot absolve the end user of this responsibility.  And for the home user?  It is entirely their responsibility.

Unfortunately. the attackers are far better trained than the end users.

The second is the commercialization of the Internet.  Money is made on the Internet by tracking what you look at.  Especially the biggest sites: google, facebook, youtube – they make money on selling you ads.  Everyone watches what you look at on the Internet.  Not only is it not secure, but that security lack is essential to its success.

That is a little scary.

Of course, I post personal details about my whole life on a public site for all to see.  So take what I have to say with a grain of salt.


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