Weekly Shenanigans

In short – none.  Mom was gone for a week.  Off in the warmer but rainier climes of the U.S. desert.  Sounds as though a grand time was had.

Family Day I’ve spent at home watching Downtown Abbey – which is marvelous.  I pause every holiday and wonder if I will miss Dad on that day, but we had no particular Family Day ritual so I only miss him the normal amount.

Tomorrow a new employee starts.  I love new employee start day.  Unfortunately there have been too many staff endings lately.  But we edge closer to the full staff complement.

I’ve read little – nothing of note.  I’ve watched some movies, but in general they’ve sucked.  Safehouse was only a bit not great, but Twilight was horrendous.  I don’t understand why I’ve watched them all.  Part wanting to be in touch with a cultural thing and part of a misplaced desire to embrace fantasy in all forms.  But I spent the movie mocking every scene or playing two games of sudoku.

There was gaming on Friday.  The first game had Robin play a strange strategy that very nearly worked.  He held a commanding lead the whole game while knowing that he needed a giant lead to make up for not having any points at end of game scoring.  Second place caught up to him at that point and it came down to tie breakers.  The second game played also ended in a tie.  A three way tie.  It too was about to go to a tie-breaker when my brother saw he had miscounted and moved from last place (two points back) to first place by a single point.  There was drama I tell you – drama!

Way back a week ago today, I took the day off.  The same happened today.  A four day work week suits me just fine, but unfortunately they still seem to come with five days of work.  I hope tomorrow disproves that theory.

And that was that.  Take care y’all.  My prayers go out to all the sick and saddened.


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