Discrete Energy Level and Station Wagon

Fortunately M.D. “Doc” Bright and Christopher “not the British Sci-Fi writer” Priest went with the catchier sobriquets of Quantum and Woody for the title characters of the eponymous comic.

1996.  I was starting to read Usenet and comic reviews on the RAC* forums.  The forums were abuzz with praise for Quantum and Woody.  Actually even pre-buzz.  I was onboard with issue #1.

The first issue was notable for two aspects.  It was wildly funny.  And it was told on a non-sequential manner.  However, the craftmanship of the creators, the hints of an interesting plot and intriguing characters were equally present beneath the flashier aspects.  Priest and Bright had previously worked together – notably on a run on Marvel’s Power Man & Iron Fist.  They fell right into a tight partnership already.

Ideas from PM&IF were visible in Quantum and Woody.  The main characters in both are a partnership of wildly different “Odd Couple” type characters also distinguished by their race.

Jeepers what a horrible blog entry.  I’m senselessly using big words, but yet not explaining at all why Quantum and Woody was so awesome.  It was so good that after buying the single issues, I also bought the trades to continue to support the creators.  It was so good that when the major entertainment company (maybe not quite major) that published it folded, I was a little upset.

Later issues didn’t always work as well as the early issues.  The humour overwhelmed the plot and the out of order storytelling was mostly a crutch.  Sigh.  Nothing is perfect.  Priest went on to use the same storytelling gimmicks in Black Panther.  Which I also loved.

I came across an article online pointing out that the humour in Q&W is juvenile and the odd couple character setup is hackneyed.  Both are probably fair criticisms, but I found it wildly entertaining.  The same criticisms can likely be leveled at the Big Bang Theory television show…

Ah.  I miss it.  Fortunately I have all the issues and trades around here somewhere.  🙂


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