A Cat, a mouse and the Valentine’s Day card

I have nothing to rant about.  Instead you will get this short story in the tradition of Aesop.  Thankfully it is very short.

A field mouse came cautiously out of its hole.  Just beyond was a Valentine’s Day card with some cinnamon hearts.  The card read, “Please be mine.  Meet me for dinner.  I promise not to eat you.  Yours, The Cat.”

The field mouse didn’t want to spend Valentine’s Day alone so against its better judgement met the cat for dinner.  Astonishingly they had a great time.  They had sushi.  At the end of dinner, the cat asked to see the mouse again.

For their second date, the pair went bowling.

For their third date, the couple went to the amusement park.

At the start of their fourth date, the cat ate the mouse.

Cats like to play with their food.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!


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